About your humble blog author:

My name is Anthony, and this is my blog about my writing. I’ve always loved the written word, be it reading or writing. Over the years, I’ve tried my hand at writing various things, such as poetry and short stories. I even once wrote a children’s book for English class in high school. (I have that around here somewhere. Maybe one day I’ll scan the pages and post it.)

I most realized that I enjoy telling stories when I began running role-playing games (RPGs), starting with Dungeons & Dragons. I would craft stories that had my friends swearing that they love my games, no matter what the genre or subject matter. I even toyed with turning the session logs for one of my campaigns into a novel, but I lacked the dedication I needed to see it through.

More about me:

I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in January 1976; on the 7th, to be precise, which is about as Capricorn as you can get. I have two younger brothers, though both are my “big” brothers. I still chafe at being the little brother, despite being a) the oldest, and b) six feet tall.

I have spent most of my life in Memphis, though I spent about a year in San Diego, California, which did me the benefit of opening my eyes up to a wider reality. As a result, I tend to have rather liberal viewpoints when it comes to social issues (homosexuality, marriage equality, religion). My personal philosophy has always been, “If you aren’t affecting me directly with it, then you aren’t hurting me by doing it.” Hate has no home here.

I currently work in grocery retail as a customer service manager for a major chain, a position that I’ve come to enjoy since I picked it up. I hope to nurture my writing skill as this blog continues, and maybe even one day, be published.


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