Thoughts on the Creative Process

I came home from work with an unusually strong feeling about putting pen to paper. I resisted the urge to hop on WoW and ignore it, yet I still managed to get sidetracked (by music of all things). I added a couple of albums to my library, but spent more time working on that than I meant to.

Now, it’s past 10pm, and while I have some time, the “urge” has passed me by. That isn’t to say I have no urge now, but it was almost a physical weight earlier. Having trouble finding my various story ideas and notes for game ideas took a lot of motivation out of me. I’m going to keep searching, because the time has come for me to plan some new adventures…

…though it remains to be seen if these adventures are fiction or a game.

[Some minutes later…]

I found my notes file. What used to be a motley collection of Post-It notes, memo pad pages, and even a napkin was preserved in a Word file.

Outline format, single-spaced, the list is 3 pages (1244 words) long. I had a very creative streak from 2003-2005. Some of the ideas are absolutely fantastic.

Interestingly, I also found a “Campaign Path” text file that, upon reading, I remember as details from a dream I had one night. The details were so fascinating, that I am feeling a pull to elaborate it. I’m still not completely sure if it will be fiction or a game, though either would work.


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