End of the (Poetry) Line..

Five weeks ago, when I began this blog, I set out to share some things I had written over the course of my life, starting with some of the poetry I wrote. With this entry, I am posting my last bit of poetry for a while.

Oh, I did some in 2004, but it ties into a period of my life where I forgot exactly for whom I am supposed to live, and I am not ready to share that yet.

Halloween 2002

In 2002, I found myself mourning the loss of the Halloween I experienced as a child. While the case could be made that aging was partly to blame on Halloween feeling different, one cannot deny the fact that how we as a culture celebrate Halloween has changed as well. When I was young, there were trick-or-treaters everywhere. By even 2002, it was more common to take children to some event, where they’d get their candy. Trick-or-treaters still existed, but they were few, and gone were the outlandish costumes.

As my roommate and his girlfriend dressed up and gave out candy to a pitifully small number of trick-or-treaters, I sat in the computer room and composed the following poem. I like the style, theme and over all construction of the poem, yet something just didn’t hold up to time. I could pick it apart more, but I believe I would rather just let my readers draw their own conclusions.


By: Anthony Adkins (10/31/02)

Where, now, has our Halloween gone?
Lost in time along with all its fun.

What, now, has made our Halloween fade?
People with evil appetites to sate.

When, oh, when did our Halloween cease?
In the last decade did I find it deceased.

Who, now, is behind our Halloween’s demise?
No one person. Too many, but all of them lie.

Why, now, did our Halloween go?
Mistrust and terror and things I don’t know.

How, now, can we get our Halloween back?
I wish I knew.


Coming next time… a picture is worth a thousand words, and I tried to figure out a few.


One thought on “End of the (Poetry) Line..

  1. I share the sentiment in regards to Halloween. When I was a child, even churches held Halloween parties and sponsored haunted houses. The watered down fall festival crap that Halloween is today makes me tie s little inside, and not just because I follow a non- standard path.

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