To avoid a lack of content…

I figured I’d start with a bit of poetry I wrote some years ago. I’ll post a couple over the next few days, so you can see how my approach to the subject matter and form of poetry changed, even as short as a few months apart.

It used to be that I knew I was truly crushing on a girl, if I was inspired to write a poem about her or to her. Of course, that no longer applies, but that’s probably through bad times with certain women, coupled with a lack of time to work on them.

This poem was one of the earliest I wrote. It was, I believe, written for my first girlfriend, Emily, when we broke up. So, I was about 15 at the time. I was devastated, and really thought my world had come to an end. (Uncomfortable and awkward anecdote: Emily passed away back in 2002. Despite the fact that 10 years passed between our breakup and then, I still feel a stir in my heart to this day when I think about her.)

This was also before I started dating my poems, so the timeframe is rough at best. This is absolutely one of the earliest poems I ever wrote. Without further ado, here’s:

To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern,

I don’t care at all

Life is no more.

Why did I fall,

She said she loved me,

Oh, I never knew.

Now all I can say is

“How could you?”

To whom it may concern,

My life means nothing.

If I died, no one would care.

Only she,

because I didn’t return the ring.

I find no comfort,

nothing to lean on.

Why’d you do it?

But still I cry on…


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