Welcome to where [I hope] I flex my creativity.

Yet ANOTHER blog?

I have this unnatural obsession with cataloging and organizing everything I can. I have Twitter and Facebook when I feel like vomiting out a few words. When I am so inclined, I have a LiveJournal (LJ) account for longer musings. At one point, I had a blog for my spirituality. I signed up for this one, interestingly, just because I wanted to subscribe to someone else’s blog. J

So, this blog has lain dormant for most of the last year. Prior to my purging of the content of this blog for a reset, there were only 6 posts. Of these, the most recent was on August 25, 2011. Of those 6, the only one with any real content was already copied over on my LJ.

What I intend to do THIS time –

I am creative. Oh, I suppress it when I’m at work, because I get very… giddy and hyper when I begin to really work at it, and I suppose that I feel that I must maintain some decorum. Once upon a time, I might have even said that I wasn’t creative at all, but that was a lie. I just wasn’t being creative in ob

When you enjoy doing blog posts, because you enjoy crafting words into sentences and paragraphs, and seeing the results, you’re creative.vious ways. The question begs, though, “was I being creative in unobvious ways?” Let me see…

  • When you are running a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) game already, and deliberately incorporate weather conditions into the game, and have that weather affect what can and does occur in the game, you’re creative.
  • When you can look at an empty room, and know how to put furniture and accessories in it “just so” to make it aesthetically pleasing, you’re creative.
  • When you arrange the knick-knacks on your shelves to make each stand out, while still tying into the whole, you’re creative.

And, I come full circle…

It has taken a long time, but I am finally coming to terms with my creativity. It’s particularly ironic that I’ve had to convince myself of this, simply because it wasn’t even 20 years ago that I told myself I wanted to be a fantasy author. Of course, I haven’t exactly done that yet, and while that’s sad, it is not tragic, for I know that I have more years ahead of me, and can accomplish much in a short time, if I but apply myself.

I am going to apply myself, and I’m going to start by maintaining this blog.


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